Opis Co-working space at Toojou Social Hostel – Fun and exciting space


Looking for co-working space while travelling to Sabah? Introducing Opis co-working space, a product by Toojou Social Hostel – Best Social Hotel in Kota Kinabalu.

You’ll definitely be pampered by the Opis co-working space featuring best contemporary design and very comfortable working space. Passes (Daily, weekly and monthly pass based on your need) including access to the kitchen and some entertainment center. Best of all, the complementary coffee and snacks, and use of entertainment center are unlimited. Ya you heard it, free flow of coffee and snacks.

It is located at 1st floor of the hotel and if you need to refuel yourself with some carbo, all you need is some gut to slide down via the slider to tamaha cafe. Case if you need to recharge your soul, there are two big bean bag waiting for you.

Opis co-working space @ Toojou Social Hostel rates
Opis co-working space @ Toojou Social Hostel’s rates
Opis co-working space at Toojou Social Hostel
Some of the personal cubicle at Opis co-working space
You do not have any restriction as to where you can do your work. If you feel kind of tired, you can just sit on the sofa
Or even lie down on the big bean bag
Opis co-working space comes with access to their kitchen and coffee machine
Touch of a button, you will get a nice coffee.
Copy, printing and scanning are easy here
Workstation if you need more light too ensure you are wide awake (especially after your lunch)
Need to get someone to play with you. So that is the overall concept of the hotel – Socialize, who knows you might get big network after you came back from your vacation
They have pool table as well
Opis co-working space at Toojou Hostel. I can guarantee that you wont find any co-working space in Sabah that as glorious as this one
Do your own laundry
Feeling nostalgic?
Excuse the pun but I found it is interesting.. You can see it almost everywhere is this hotel..


Toojou Social Hostel’s Address
12, Jalan Masjid Lama,
Bandaran Berjaya,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,
Telephone: +60 88-488657
Facebook Toojou Social Space
Instagram Toojou Instagram


Toojou Social Hostel’s Location – The Best Social Hotel South East Asia


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