Yoodo – Customise your data, voice and SMS plan

Yoodo, a brand that is marketed as a hybrid of Celcom‘s conventional prepaid and postpaid mobile plan, is probably one of its kind in Malaysia. Yoodo or I will simply call it as “You do”, eliminate any pre-made plans set by telco simply by allowing their customers to experience full control and customise their own mobile plan.


Yoodo allows you to

  • Create and Customise Your Own Data Plan

    You will just have to pay for the amount of data, voice or SMS you need. This is the most important thing, as most users nowadays use Internet data to send FREE messages via whatsapp or telegram, watch their favourite series or movies online, or even listen to online music.

  • You Do It All On The App

    You do (Yoodo) everything through an app for example select number and activate your new number. On top of that, you can enjoy free SIM delivery without visiting their service centre.

  • Change Your Plan Anytime and Anywhere with Yoodo

    You are not tied to your data plan so you can change it and even leave it at any time you want to do so without any cancellation fees. How cool is that?

Reasons to love Yoodo

  • Widest 4G Coverage

    Yoodo runs on the Celcom network and most of us are conscious that it is the network with the largest 4G coverage in Malaysia.

  • Got The Boosters

    You don’t have to think about hitting your monthly limit. You just need a booster to keep going.

  • Free SIM, eSIM and Free Delivery!

    Get started with Yoodo for FREE! Get your sim shipped today for free, and if you have a phone that supports eSIM, you can skip the wait.

  • Go Cashless

    There are no top-ups and no bills to pay. Yes, you only need to Register your debit or credit card, and get auto-deducted every month. Hassle Free.

  • Rewards

    You’ve heard that correctly. Purchase 10 add-ons or 10 Roam Like Home Passes and get 1 more FREE!

  • Manage up to 5 Lines

    Activate more Yoodo SIMs for the whole family and manage them all under 1 account.

Steward John

Steward John

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