R&B Tea – Taiwanese Bubble Tea is now available in Malaysia

R&B Tea – Taiwanese Bubble Tea is now available in Malaysia

R&B Tea (巡茶), one of the leading tea brands in Taiwan is now available in Malaysia, with the first outlet opening at the Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre. With over 23 outlets in Singapore currently, R&B (巡茶) sets itself apart from the rest of the ‘boba‘ crowd with its use of all-natural ingredients and the best Oolong tea leaves.

R&B Tea Best Bubble Tea

A must-try drink at R&B (巡茶) is the signature “Brown Sugar Boba Milk” (青蛙撞奶) (RM10.90), named after the appearance of pearls that look like frog eggs, which features soft, chewy textured tapioca pearls. The secret of the Brown Sugar Boba Milk’s superior taste lies in the unique in-house brown sugar recipe that is responsible for giving the pearls a rich and creamy caramel taste and tantalizing aroma. This beautiful combination is then topped with fresh milk that adds a dash of creaminess to the yummy concoction.

R&B Tea Best Bubble Tea

A decadent treat for the boba lover, the “Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee”  (老虎出巡) (RM12.90) offers a mouthwatering mix of fresh milk, with rich layers of caramelized brown sugar, soft brown sugar pearls and topped with a generous dollop of cream cheese. Super indulgent!

R&B Tea Best Bubble Tea

In addition to the Brown Sugar line, R&B 巡茶 also features a series of premium signature milk tea. Another popular favourite, the Roasted Oolong Tea gives a mesmerizing smoky aroma, thanks to its tea leaves ingredient that are charcoal-roasted for 5 to 12 hours. This method helps release the smokiness and natural sweetness of the tea leaves. You can either have this drink on its own or enjoy it paired with the Oolong Tea-Cream; which is a smooth tea-infused foam that can be added to R&B 巡茶’s selected tea blends.

R&B Tea Best Bubble Tea

R&B 巡茶 is the only milk tea brand that offers the unique tea cream — something that complements R&B 巡茶’s fragrant tea series wonderfully. Even non-fans of tea will be impressed by the naturally-occurring sweet butter and cream notes in the Oolong Tea-Cream, which can epitomize to be the best introduction you need to the art of Oolong Tea appreciation – delicious, soothing and complex.

R&B Tea Best Bubble Tea

For fruit tea lovers, the Mighty Luffy (霸气路飞) (RM12.90 – RM15.90) and the Devil’s Booster (恶魔橙实果) (RM10.90) are two of the highly favoured picks on the menu. R&B 巡茶 fruit teas are served with generous portions of freshly cut fruits that are infused in the tea, making it delicious and refreshing.


With offering high quality tea being its top priority, and having over 800 outlets spread across the five continents globally, R&B 巡茶 will continue to expand its market share further in Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia region.


About R&B 巡茶 

A brand that led the Brown Sugar Boba Tea hype in Singapore, R&B 巡茶 sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with its use of all-natural ingredients and the  best oolong tea leaves that are imported from Taiwan. The brand also boasts its own unique brown sugar recipe and prides itself as the only tea joint that offers tea cream. There is also an inexhaustible variety of drinks to choose from on the menu — from fruit tea and premium signature tea series, to the famed milk tea series that are available in decaffeinated options, both hot and cold. R&B 巡茶 seeks to spread the latest tea trends from Singapore to the rest of the world. In the future, R&B 巡茶 will be spreading its wings to Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Macau — reliving the hype, one boba tea at a time.

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Outlet address: 

R&B Tea
KG5C, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, Jln Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.


About Koufu Limited

“Koufu” refers to the Chinese belief that it is one’s good fortune to feast on good food. Since establishment in 2002, they have held to the same belief. To bring forth ‘Koufu’ to everyone, and make it their mission to provide good food and services for everyone to enjoy; through deep roots in traditional Singaporean cooking and in true coffee shop tradition, adopted in a comprehensive approach to provide good fortunes for generations of loyal customers. The Chinese phrase for Koufu reinforces this ideology. The colour of the logo conveys the passion Koufu has for the business and also the strength acquired by ensuring excellence from which prosperity will come. This positive spirit extends from the logo to the food and services.

For further info, please contact:

Fessie Chee
Tel +65 96931823
Email Fessie.chee@koufu.com.sg

Yvonne Yeow
Tel +65 8188 3887
Email Yvonne.yeow@koufu.com.sg

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