Following of their great success in previous campaigns, Anchor Food Professional returns with New Icy Cool Beverages to Boost your mood. These six new dairy beverages were conceptualised and created by Anchor Food Professionals chef by using local elements and infused with Anchor’s dairy products.

What is your mood today? #moodmojee
What is your mood today? #Moodmojee

Specifically created as a mood booster with unexpected pairings, these Icy Cool Beverages targeted to delight your taste buds. This year’s campaign promises pairings of zesty, sweet, savoury and salty flavours with smooth and creamy textures.


Anchor Food Professional New Icy Cool Beverages


Kayanika Fusion

Yummy Kaya-nika fusion.
Yummy Kaya-nika fusion.
Kaya-nika fusion
Let’s try a bit

Kaya toast is a popular snack for Malaysian and Singapore and who have thought Kaya in a beverage? Kayanika fusion which is created by Chef Firuz and using Anchor Whipping Cream is a milky drink layered with sweet traditional ‘kaya’, palm sugar, sticky rice and red beans.


Lemon Mint Meringue

Zesty lemon mint meringue
Zesty lemon mint meringue
Have some - you'll love it
Have some – you’ll love it

If you are into something zesty, then you should try Lemon mint meringue – a rich lemon mint vanilla ice blended. This beverage is topped with freshly whipped torched meringue and slices of candied lemon and orange, a perfect fest to the eyes and to your mouth.


Pom and Grey Twist

One of my favourite - Pom and Grey Twist
One of my favourite – Pom and Grey Twist
Pom and Grey Twist
Pom and Grey Twist
Trying out Pom and Grey Twist with Sabahan Instagrammer and Blogger. Left to Right: KK Food Buddy,, & KK Food Buddy

I can say that Pom and Grey Twist is a successful marriage between Tea and Cheese. This unique beverage is bought to you by Chef Ken. It is a refreshing concoction of Early Grey tea mixed with pomegranate syrup and topped with a generous layers of Chocolate cream and dusted with cocoa powder – definitely one of my favourite.



Tangy Brew

My Favourite - Who have thought that coffee goes well with cheese.. Yes, you should try this
My Favourite – Who have thought that coffee goes well with cheese.. Yes, you should try this
Look at that cream
Look at that cream
Cheers everyone
Cheers everyone


Good news for coffee lovers and who are brave enough to take challenge. Tangy Brew is a rich cold brew of local coffee with the tangy taste of orange and topped with layer of whipped cream and cream cheese foam. Again, this wonderful creation of Chef Ken incorporates Anchor Cream Cheese, Full Cream Milk and Whipping Cream to this beverage.


White Chocoffee

Look at that! It's yummylicious
Look at that! It’s yummylicious
Perfect duo. You can get this from The Chub's Grill, Kota Kinabalu
Perfect duo. You can get this from The Chub’s Grill, Kota Kinabalu

White chocoffee which stands tall like a shake with a crown of whipped cream, is a blend of white coffee mixed generously with chocolate and peanut butter. This special beverage is created by Chef Ichiro and incorporated Anchor Full Cream Milk, Cream Cheese and Whipping Cream.


Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

Yuzu with chocolate
Yuzu with chocolate
Must try, perfect combination of Yuzu and Chocolate
Must try, perfect combination of Yuzu and Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers, this beverage offers an interesting flavour with the pairing of rich and sweet chocolate and citrusy Yuzu fruit. Yuzu Chocolate Surprise is a mixture of iced chocolate with tangy Yuzu puree and rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy. This unique creation of Chef Ichiro incorporates Anchor UHT Full Cream milk and Whipping Cream.



Where to get it?


Tangy Brew (RM9.00)
Lucky Bean @ Lintas Square
16-0 Lintas Square Jalan Lintas, Taman Southern, 88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Operating Hours: 11.30am-11.00pm (Daily)


Lemon Mint Meringue (RM14.90) and Kaya-Nika Fusion (RM15.90)
Delight Factory @ Imago Shopping Mall
G-52, Imago Shopping Mall, 88100 Kota Kinabalu
Operating Hours: 10.00am-10.00pm (Daily)


Pom & Grey Twist (RM16.80) and White Chocoffee (RM17.80)
The Chubs Grill @ Plaza Shell
Plaza Shell, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kota Kinabalu, 88300 Sabah
Operating Hours: 11.00am-10.30pm (Sunday – Thursday), 11.00am-11.00pm (Friday & Saturday)


Yuzu Chocolate Surprise (RM 15.00)
Chiu’s Cafe @ 88 Marketplace
Block D, Ground Floor, Lot 8, Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/2, 88 Marketplace, Kampung Nelayan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm (Tuesday Off)


Special Thanks

Special thanks to seats and Anchor Food Professional Malaysia for the opportunity and Lucky Beans @ Lintas, Delight Factory @ Imago Mall, The Chub’s Grill @ Plaza Shell and Chiu’s Caffe @ 88 Marketplace for hosting us.

#AnchorFoodProfessionalMY #Moodmojee



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Everyone has been talking about Domino’s Pizza Sabah and how excited they are after the announcement of their expansion to East Malaysia been made.

Indeed, the opening of its first branch in Sabah (T1 Bundusan) has gained positive respond from the people who been pleading and waited for it.

During the opening, customers overflowed the restaurant and waiting for the pizza to be ready and they do not even mind to wait hours for their orders. So what is this Domino’s Pizza serves and what makes it so special than the rest?


Let’s see some of the Pizza and side orders that we’ve tasted.

Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza – Pizza with roasted chicken, shredded chicken with juicy pineapples and fresh mushrooms.


Meat Mania - The name says it all. For meat lover, this pizza is certainly for you. Loaded with beef sausages, beef pepperoni, ground beef, chicken sausages and ripe olives.
Meat Mania – The name says it all. For meat lover, this pizza is certainly for you. Loaded with beef sausages, beef pepperoni, ground beef, chicken sausages and ripe olives.


Chicken pepperoni - This is all time favourite with generous portions of chicken pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
Chicken pepperoni pizza for mozzarella cheese and chicken pepperoni.


Prawn Sensation - Pizza with prawns and marinated in Italian herbs & spices, imported Belgian spinach, cherry tomatoes and onions.
Prawn Sensation – Pizza with prawns and marinated in Italian herbs & spices, imported Belgian spinach, cherry tomatoes and onions.


Simply Cheese - Beware all cheese lover. This pizza is loaded with 100% mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese & Oregano.
100% mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese & Oregano on our Signature Sauce
Cheezy Four
Cheezy Four
Crazy Chicken Crunchies - Original
Crazy Chicken Crunchies – Original
Crazy Chicken Crunchies - Tom Yam
Crazy Chicken Crunchies – Tom Yam
Roasted Chicken Drummets
Roasted Chicken Drummets
Chicken Wings BBQ
Chicken Wings BBQ


What is so special about Domino’s Pizza compare to the others?

They have variety of toppings and sauces to choose from including their smoky BBQ sauce, spicy sambal and their own signature sauce. If you are a vegetarian, you should come over as this restaurant is indeed vegetarian friendly. Apart from that, you can create your own pizza and choose your favourite toppings.

Dont be fooled by the name, they do not only serve you good quality pizza, but also other sides such as pastries, chicken wings, onion rings and so on.


Halal Status



Domino’s Pizza Sabah’s branch

1st Outlet: T1 Bundusan
2nd Outlet: Inanam Taipan
3rd Outlet: Riverson Kota Kinabalu
4th Outlet: ITCC Shopping Mall Penampang
5th Outlet: D’ Sulaman


Domino’s Pizza T1 Bundusan Location

Lot A1-2, Block A, T1 @ Bundusan, Jalan Bundusan, Penampang, 88300 Kota Kinabalu.

Operation Hours

    • Monday to Sunday 10.30am – 11.30pm


Social Media Account

Be sure to check out Sabah Food Directory for list of eatery places around Sabah.

If you are looking for fun dining and happy desserts at Plaza 333, Penampang, then Joox Cafe will be your best bet. Joox cafe was officially opened on the 16th of October 2018 and now prepare to serve you.

The cafe serves some unique and interesting food and some infused with oriental recipe. For instance, chicken wings with korean sauce and Ham and sandwich with strawberry jam.

Joox cashier station
Joox cashier station
Joox Cafe's dedicated staffs. Ready to serve you with big smile
Joox Cafe’s dedicated staffs. Ready to serve you with big smile
Some of the decoration. Well of course it is instagrammable section and free for you to take as many photos as you like
Some of the decoration. Well of course it is instagrammable section and free for you to take as many photos as you like
Comfortable place for you to chill while having meal
Comfortable place for you to chill while having meal
Decoration and cafe's setting
Decoration and cafe’s setting

These are the signature food

Joox Cafe Monte cristo sandwich
Monte cristo sandwich. Pan fried ham & cheese sandwich with strawberry jam and served with coleslaw. RM 15.00
Joox Cafe Oppa pizza
Oppa pizza – BBQ lamb pizza served with special Korean made sauce. RM 23.00
Joox Cafe Carbonaralicious
Carbonaralicious – Spaghetti in creamy carbonara sauce with 24 hours braised lamb. RM 26.00
Big Mac Say Cheese – Pan-cooked macaroni & cheddar cheese with salted egg prawn. RM 26.00

Some other menu

Korean Wings
Korean Wings – Crispy chicken wings with korean spicy sauce and honey garlic sauce. RM 13.00
Joox Cafe Want 'Em All
Want ‘Em All – Combination of Korean wings, mix mush, sweet potato fries, french fries and tempura prawns. RM 20.00


Joox Cafe Caramel milk and milk tea
L-R: Caramel Milk RM 9, Milk Tea

And the highlight of the food: of course desserts

Cow Dung Tart
Cow Dung Tart. RM 6.00 each and RM 5.00 for Classic original
Cow Dung Tart
Look at that Cow Dung
Joox Cafe Pastries
The dark choclate cake is so tempting
Joox Cafe Parfait
Parfait – Macha Kit Kat RM 10.00 and Oreo Chocolate RM 10.00

My verdict

I like the ambience of the cafe with few instagrammable sections. Personally, I love the Mac and Cheese and it tastes different than the rest. If you are a fan of salted egg, then you should give this one a try.

The Monte Cristo sandwich is really good. At first, you might think that strawberry jam does not go well with ham and cheese, but if you dare to challenge your tastebud, then you should try it. As for the pizza, I love the thin crust and the taste of the lamb with korean sauce.

The cafe is clean and service by the staffs were totally great.

Hint: They will continue adding few recipes and introduce oriental food in their menu. So watch out people.


Halal Status



Joox Cafe Location

Joox Cafe is located at Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Center and next to Vino vino Plaza 333 and in the same row as Sino taste kitchen

Operation Hours

  • Monday CLOSE
  • Tuesday 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Wednesday 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Thursday 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Friday 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Saturday 11.00am – 11.00pm
  • Sunday 11.00am – 11.00pm


Social Media Account

Be sure to check out Sabah Food Directory for list of eatery places around Sabah.

There are few places that you can get Tomyam noodle soup in Kota Kinabalu, and one of it is located in Hilltop (Kedai Kopi Janggut). Out of curiosity and recommendation from circle of friends, we went to that place and try the food ourselves.


The place usually packed in the morning, so you should consider to come early. It is known as “Janggut” because the owner has beard.


Here are some of Kedai Kopi Janggut’s menu.

Delicious Tom Yum soup with fresh fish
Fried noodle with prawn. Good for two
Crispy fried Fu Chuk (dry beancurd)
Fish with Tausi – One of the signature dishes
Look at that food. Perfect combination to keep you full whole day long
Left to Right: Iced chinese tea, soursop ice blended and calamansi juice. I really love the soursop juice.

My verdict

Food were nice, I love the taste of the Tom Yam soup and their signature fried noodle. The soursop juice is something that you should try.


Cleanliness of the restaurant is just fine but the service was quite slow. We asked for menu from one of the workers but we had to wait like ages. Ended up asking the boss to take order and all menu were based on the photos from her tablet (and no pricelist). Mind you that fork and spoon and condiments are all self-service.


Suggestion: to create menu set including price so people can easily order.


Halal Status



Kedai Kopi Janggut Location

Kedai Kopi Janggut can be easily located as it is just behind Prudential building in Hilltop area.



Operation Hours

  • Monday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Tuesday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Wednesday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Thursday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Friday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Saturday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Sunday 7.00 am – 3:30 pm


Social Media Account


Be sure to check out Sabah Food Directory for list of eatery places around Sabah. If you are looking for a place to some sweet treat, perhaps you should try some cakes from Kak Kiah cake house.

There are few restaurants and shops serving traditional sabahan cuisine in Sabah. But if you are looking for an affordable Traditional Sabahan Cuisine in Kota Kinabalu area, perhaps you should add Punya Sadap into your list.

It is easy to locate this small shop. You just need to walk to Asquare Container Night Market, which is located in between Wawasan Plaza Shopping Mall and Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu.


What do they serve?

They serve Kadazan Dusun traditional cuisine including:

  • Lomiding (local wild fern)
  • Bosungan (marinated and deep fried big-eyed scads)
  • Sunsulag (root of water yam)
  • Bosou or nonsom sayur (fermented vegetables)
  • Losun (wild spring onions)
  • Hinava (fish salad with mixture chilli, ginger, shallots, bitter gourd and lime dressing)
  • Linopot (rice mixed with boiled yam and steamed in a leaf )
  • Hinava (type of wild ginger that grows in the jungles of Sabah)
  • Bambangan (type of wild mango and endemic to Sabah)
  • Tuhau in pickled form (wild ginger that grows in the jungles of Sabah)
Punya Sadap
So look for this shop – Punya Sadap
Traditional Sabahan Cuisine
Some of the food they are serving
Sabahan Traditional Cuisines
Look at that yummy variety food.
Sabahan traditional cuisine
A must try when you are in Sabah
Traditional Sabahan Cuisine
Crunchy Bosungan. My favourite
With the owner of the Shop


My verdict

The place is easy to spot as it is right in the middle of the city, to be precise, just next to promonade hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

Price wise, I can see it is affordable but it depends on the quantity and types of food that you ordered.

If you are allow to drink alcohol, then you should try their signature happy juice drink.


Halal Status

They serve no pork


Opening Hours

6.00pm to 11.00pm


Punya Sadap’s Location

Located at Asquare Container Night Market, just few steps from Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu.



Social Media Account


Be sure to check out Sabah Food Directory for list of eatery places around Sabah

So last week, I’ve blogged about this application that I’ve been using to purchase few stuffs and even movie tickets – Boost application. Well, been using it for few times and so far Ive been rewarded (Boost application cashback) for few ringgit (RM) which I guess a bonus for me and everyone.

Pay and and Get rewarded

Yes, that is the term I will use and I bet boost app will approve me to use that word too. Good news to all boost app’s users, boost is currently running cashback and giveaways campaign until 04th of November 2018. All you have to do is to keep boosting by spending minimum RM20 every week and lucky 3,000 users will be selected every week to receive cashback of up to RM150 each. Simple is not it?

However, campaign is not valid for transaction such as Bill payments, Prepaid Top-ups, Parking Payments, Purchase of Vouchers and Donations.

Did I win any?

One question that I people will ask me since I’ve been promoting this application. The answer to that question is simply – Yes.

I guess today, I’ve been blessed by the mother earth that I received RM150 from Boost app and I did not expect it, to be honest. Big thanks to Boost app.


Boost application cashback
Boost application cashback
boost application
Thank you Boost. So I guess I will boost more to win more? or perhaps for my birthday present this coming November 🙂

Register with boost and get cashback. Use my Invite Code sterajx. Get free up to RM5 cash back after your first mobile credit topup in Boost.

Sabah Food Directory – Guide to travellers and local, a thing that I always wanted to do since I love to eat. Yeah, I have been watching my carbs intake for years now but failed to archive my yearly new year’s resolution. Don’t blame me, I just could not resist variety of good food that Sabah has to offer.

This small project might be useful for visitors coming to Sabah and also to the locals as well (I’m pretty sure that most of the locals are unaware of good food around them – Happens a lot to me as well). Rather than just posting collection of photos in each of a blog post, I will add my honest comments about food that I reviewed.

I believe that in few years time, Sabah will have more to offer than now. During the time of this blog post is written, Domino’s pizza has expand its wing to East Malaysia. Which also means, more international brands are coming to Sabah. Now, I’m waiting for Jolibee (I always hear people in Manila mentioned about how good it is) to open its branch here in Sabah.

Anyway, you can read some of the review of foods and restaurants from my previous posts, which then I will compile to a small section of Food Directory in Sabah. Stay tuned and waiting for some comments about things to include in my Sabah Food Directory Blog Post. If you have suggestion about which restaurant that you wanted me to review, feel free to drop a comment below.

Oh, one more thing, please refer to Celiac Asia‘s website and refer an expert from that site regarding to Celiac Food Directory in Sabah. It might be useful for people who suffer from Celiac and I do not guarantee that most of the food reviewed in my blog is Gluten Free.