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Food Directory in Sabah

Sabah Food Directory – Guide to travellers and local, a thing that I always wanted to do since I love to eat. Yeah, I have been watching my carbs intake for years now but failed to archive my yearly new year’s resolution. Don’t blame me, I just could not resist variety of good food that Sabah has to offer.

This small project might be useful for visitors coming to Sabah and also to the locals as well (I’m pretty sure that most of the locals are unaware of good food around them – Happens a lot to me as well). Rather than just posting collection of photos in each of a blog post, I will add my honest comments about food that I reviewed.

I believe that in few years time, Sabah will have more to offer than now. During the time of this blog post is written, Domino’s pizza has expand its wing to East Malaysia. Which also means, more international brands are coming to Sabah. Now, I’m waiting for Jolibee (I always hear people in Manila mentioned about how good it is) to open its branch here in Sabah.

Anyway, you can read some of the review of foods and restaurants from my previous posts, which then I will compile to a small section of Food Directory in Sabah. Stay tuned and waiting for some comments about things to include in my Sabah Food Directory Blog Post. If you have suggestion about which restaurant that you wanted me to review, feel free to drop a comment below.

Oh, one more thing, please refer to Celiac Asia‘s website and refer an expert from that site regarding to Celiac Food Directory in Sabah. It might be useful for people who suffer from Celiac and I do not guarantee that most of the food reviewed in my blog is Gluten Free.

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