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Back to blogging world after I gave up in writing 8 years ago, due to hectic life (most probably I failed to find balance between life and work). Anyway, since changing new job and environment, I find that I have more time and could utilise fraction of it to write and share my experience to the readers out there. You may find that this blog contains a lot of topics as I’m still looking for the right niche for it, but let time reveals what this blog best represent to.

For time being, I will share about my Travel Experience and it could be around my home country or other countries, share about gastronomy experience, Interesting News and Happening around, Fitness since I will embark into healthy lifestyle, and some reviews on things and services. Oh… last feature that I will add inside this blog will be inspirational section where I will post weekly inspirational artworks and quotes and you are free to share it to your page. So stay tuned guys.

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