E-West Restaurant – Luyang, Kota Kinabalu

E-west Restaurant serves variety cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located within Taman Luyang, it is a nice, comfortable place and serve no-pork restaurant – perfect for all occasion. If you are arriving by personal transportation, you do not have to fret about the parking spaces as it has a lot of parking spaces available […]

Super Ono @ Plaza 333 – Poké Bowl in Kota Kinabalu

Fuel your joy with Super Ono Poke Ball. Do not get confused Poke Ball (Pokemon) with Super Ono’s Poke Bowl as both has distinct definition. Ono means delicious in Hawaiian, while Poke (pronounced as “POH-keh”) means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian. Why I mentioned about Hawaii? It is because poke bowl is originated in […]

Kedai Kopi Janggut – Fresh and delicious tomyam soup

There are few places that you can get Tomyam noodle soup in Kota Kinabalu, and one of it is located in Hilltop (Kedai Kopi Janggut). Out of curiosity and recommendation from circle of friends, we went to that place and try the food ourselves.   The place usually packed in the morning, so you should […]

Punya Sadap – Traditional Sabahan Cuisine

Local Sabahan Cuisines

There are few restaurants and shops serving traditional sabahan cuisine in Sabah. But if you are looking for an affordable Traditional Sabahan Cuisine in Kota Kinabalu area, perhaps you should add Punya Sadap into your list. It is easy to locate this small shop. You just need to walk to Asquare Container Night Market, which is […]